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STCW Update Package (UPST + UFFP)

STCW Update Package (UPST + UFFP)

Course Description

Under the new STCW Convention and Code, updated proficiency training will be required every 5 years. Our update courses are delivered to all Seafarers and Security Personnel who hold a Fire Fighting and Personal Survival Techniques certificate. Marshall Islands STCW 95 with 2010 manila amendments (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping)


2 days


570 euros
Students must be fit enough to participate in all aspects of the training. In particular, they must be capable of the practical aspects of the training and the physically demanding nature of some of the exercises involving live fires and the use of breathing apparatus. Students must carry a valid Passport.
16 years old

This is a practical course using our purpose built facility. It involves the correct use of breathing apparatus for search & rescue operations, utilizing hoses, nozzles and extinguishers. Delegates will be able to maintain the required standard of competence in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting and Personal Survival Techniques (STCW A-VI/1-1). 

For all seafarers who have a certificate of ‘Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques’ and who have maintained the required standard of competence by onboard training and experience for all competences listed in the Self Declaration form (Annex B of MSN1865), please be advised that you may only attend this ½ day update training course if you are eligible to self-declare. Please refer to MSN1865 to check your eligibility. If the specified onboard training has not been covered within the last 5 years then you will need to complete the full day PST course. 

In addition to the new guidelines for the STCW 2010 code, it is a requirement for the Fishing Industry and Boat Masters License to undertake this updated training which complies with section A-VI/1-1 of the STCW code. The intention of this training is to enable students to maximise their chances of survival in the event of abandoning a ship. This course is a practical session where students will cover the correct donning of a lifejacket & use of an immersion suite, jump from height in to the water, swim while wearing a life jacket, right an inverted liferaft, keep afloat without a life jacket and board a survival craft from the water when wearing a life jacket.

After the STCW update your STCW will be valid for another 5 years

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