Jetpacks have been part of science fiction and experimental aviation for decades, dating back to the space race. We offer an ultra-stable hydroflyer that anyone can fly. The system allows the user to fly in a seated, secured position and is less dependent on the rider’s balance and dexterity to fly. The JetPack is so stable that, once in the air, a user can even let go of the controls and stay flying in a hovering position.
• Hydrodynamic efficiency improved by 32%
• 50% lighter than competing products
• Futuristic design with a transparent hydraulic system allowing users to see the water flow
• Seat formed entirely in buoyant foam
• Steering controls under the user’s arm to allow maximum mobility in the water
• Compatible with the wireless EMK with no modifications required (the wireless EMK is compatible with all the ZR® products)
• 5 points harness (racing car style) releasable by pressing the button
• Diameter, orientation and angle of the nozzles adjustable forward or backwards to optimize the use and compatibility with the PWC power.
• A rotation system compatible with the entire range of Zapata Racing® products
• U pipe equipped with a propulsion system. The PWC is propelled to increase the movement speed.
• Turbine interface equipped with a Venturi effect (system allowing an evacuation of the water while using the Jetpack by ZR®)
• It is equipped with a 5 points harness manufactured by an FIA homologated company (International Automobile Federation) as well as a release clip triggered by finger pressure

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