Perfect. Everyday.

The Fliteboard eFoil isn’t reliant on wind or waves. Escape the crowds — fly anywhere, anytime. Ride alone, ride with friends, or share the learning experience.

Noise Free

Quiet electric motor won’t disturb the environment.

Emission Free

Guilt free zero emission propulsion system.

Wake Free

Fly above the water without a splash.

Purposeful design

Every detail of Fliteboard has been refined for maximum performance, durability, beauty and enjoyment.

Interchangeable components make Fliteboard easy to transport, set-up, and customise to suit your individual style.

Three boards are available to suit different rider weights and needs. Finishes, wings and other components can be configured to suit your personal style with 208 different combinations.

Choose your board

Fliteboard— Suits riders from beginner to advanced. Enough volume and deck area for early planning and easy pop-up, yet still highly maneuverable and easy to transport.
5’8” x 28”. 100 litres.

FliteboardPROFor experienced riders that want the smallest board possible. Light weight and responsive. Due to it’s significantly reduced volume the Fliteboard PRO is not recommended for beginners.
5’ x 24.5”. 70 litres.

FliteboardAIRHigh quality inflatable board. Suitable for beginners, schools, yachts use and commercial operators. Almost double the volume of the standard board to make learning even easier. Packs down for easy transportation.
6’6” x 30”. 175 litres.

Build your Flite

Choose Your Foil

eFoiltwo interchangeable efoil masts 60cm suitable for shallow waters and more user friendly 75cm—standard mast, ride above the chop with extreme turning angles.

Choose Your Wing

Wing Cruiser for stable foiling max efficiency for slow to medium speed cruising and heavier riders. Flyer—for high speeds up top 45Km/h and lighter riders, fast turns and high speed long range exploration.

Choose Your Battery

Flitecell 100% pure nickel terminations for low resistance High strength polyvinyl chloride cell holders maximising rigidity. High strength polyvinyl chloride cell holders maximising rigidity 52v Nominal (High Voltage 58.8v, Low-Voltage 42v) Sport – 30Ah / 1.65KWh capacity 19.3 Ibs,  Explore – 40AH / 2.1 KWH Capacity

Choose Your Charger

Flitecell Charger – Fast 20A—20 AMP charger, charges the Flitecell Explore in under 3 hours. Premium 25A- 25 AMP charger, charges the Flitecell Explore in under 2 hours.

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