Limousine tenders for sale and charter


Limousine tenders to match your superyacht with style !

The limousine tenders are certainly the most luxurious and finest tenders to get in your superyacht with style. Provide to you and your guests the ultimate stylish jumping into a limo-tenders during your luxury charter journey. The limousines tenders are usually designed to match and reflect the comfort level of a superyacht.

Becoming THE needed-extra to the superyacht, the limousine tender is getting more and more coveted by the superyacht industry.

As the limousine tender is designed to offer the equal standard of the mother ship, no one lose its comfort during the trips between the superyacht and to shore.

At Zephyr Yachting, we strive to provide unrivalled and custom options that makes your limousine tender unique and exclusive to you and your yacht.

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