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STCW Update Training

OUR STCW Update Training courses

Proficiency training is mandatory every 5 years

Under the revised STCW Convention and Code, maintaining proficiency in essential maritime skills is paramount to ensuring the safety and competence of seafarers and security personnel.  To adhere to these new regulations, proficiency training will now be required every five years.  This mandate reflects the dynamic nature of the maritime industry, necessitating ongoing skill enhancement to address evolving challenges effectively.


Tailored STCW update courses for Fire Fighting and Survival Techniques

Our STCW Update Training Package is specifically designed to meet the recurring training needs of seafarers and security personnel holding Fire Fighting and Personal Survival Techniques certificates.  Delivered in accordance with Marshall Islands STCW 95 with 2010 Manila Amendments, these courses provide participants with the latest techniques, protocols, and best practices to maintain peak performance in emergency situations.


Continuous compliance and excellence

By offering tailored STCW update training courses, we ensure that maritime professionals remain abreast of regulatory changes and industry standards, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.  Certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and endorsed by the Marshall Islands, our STCW Update Package exemplifies our commitment to upholding the highest levels of training, certification, and watchkeeping, thereby safeguarding lives, vessels, and the marine environment.