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TENDER brokerage

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Whether you are looking to sell your Tender to make space for something new in the garage or you are looking to purchase a tender that is available right now, ready built and ready to go our selection of brokerage tenders includes a large range of options. 

Selling Your Tender 

Our professional, experienced and talented team understand the need to offset some of the cost when replacing older equipment. Zephyr offer a full brokerage option to re-sell your equipment using our global network of contacts and offering prominent positioning on all the main marketing platforms. 

We provide a wide range of solutions to help you with the sale of your tender  from storage of your tender whilst waiting for it to sell, delivery to the purchaser and even servicing to ensure its ready to be sold.

Buying a Tender

Our team of Tender specialists can help you find the perfect tender for your needs. Whether you are restricted by space, weight or budget our specialists can propose a Tender to fit your budget and needs.

Can’t see what you are looking for? Get in touch with our Brokerage team to discuss your personalised project.


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