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5 Hottest Yacht Toys for Superyachts

5 Hottest Yacht Toys for Superyachts

With new superyacht toys launching annually, we’re seeing everything from foiling boards to personal submersibles and inflatables. Based in Antibes, Zephyr Yachting specialises in yacht charter, crew training and sales and rental of superyacht toys. Colin Hamilton, CEO and Founder says his pick of yacht toys would be ‘something that combines thrills and excitement with fitness or ocean exploration’. 

Sounds tempting? Here’s our round-up of 5 types of water toys you should include on your yacht:


Foiling boards, wakeboards, flyboards, electric jet boards and paddle boards are part of the arsenal of fun water toys that you can offer yacht owners and guests and they can make all the difference to elevating a good yachting experience to a great one.  Whether charter guests are novices or expert surfers, everyone loves to try out boards and they’re accessible to get up and riding, especially when crew on board are water sports instructors!


The superyacht market has opened up the range of options available to owners and guests. Personal submersibles are the elite option for those who want to push the boundaries with high-tech engineering and performance – popular companies with models in the market include U-Boat Worx and Triton submarines.  As well, you have underwater scooters and the all-time favourite, SEABOB, that offer speed, maneuverability and style as you’re exploring underwater.


With more yacht owners and charter guests becoming fitness conscious,   it’s recommended to include accessories onboard that promote health, fitness and/or wellness.  Many superyachts have their own onboard gyms, spas or fitness equipment, however for the added ‘wow’ factor you can look to kit your yacht out with items such as water bikes, GoCycles for adventures ashore, yacht golf equipment (with biodegradable fish food golf balls!) or yoga mats.


Inflatables are a great option for all age ranges to have fun on the water. Climbing walls, slides, infinity pools, splash pads or Blobs are perfect for entertaining.  FunAir’s Splash Island is a cool product that offers a free-floating, inflatable island that can be tethered from the back of your yacht, your tender, or from the beach, dock, or jetty, extending the fun wherever you are.


With a never-ending list of customisable water toys, it’s always useful to have some classics on hand.  Other yacht toys that remain popular are towables, kayaks, snorkelling equipment, sailing dinghies and fishing gear.

Ready to learn more about which superyacht toys we supply and/or rent?  Get in touch by email to chat to us about kitting out your new build with the latest models, or setting you up for your charter yacht.  Email: sales@zephyr-yachting.com


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