V.H.F Short Range Radio Course

Radio Course, French Riviera, Antibes, Cannes, Monaco


VHF Radio Course

A VHF Radio is a crucial piece of safety equipment on a boat and therefore taking a VHF course to ensure that you know how to use it is key to the safety of the boat you are on. Unwarranted transmissions could block out a Mayday distress call.

To use a VHF radio you must have a licence and take an exam to gain your Radio Operators Certificate/Licence. The course is aimed at all deck crew and anyone else who may be required to operate a yacht’s VHF communications equipment.

VHF Radio Course Information

This a self-learning online interactive course whereby you have the final exam with us at Zephyr Yachting on the day. The course involves:
• radio operation basics
• using the correct frequencies (channels)
• distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures
• vessel to shore telephone calls
• Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
• Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons
• Search and Rescue

Due to popular demand we often put on extra radio courses, so if the dates below do not suit contact us to discuss alternative course dates and/or to book your VHF radio course

Duration: 1 Day

Price: €180



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