Our brand new state of the art Zapata Racing Flyboard is a Jet-ski turbine wakeboard with an 18 meter pipe, allowing its user to reach heights of up to 10 meters from water. This high tech piece of equipment is the perfect tool for aerial flips and tricks at top speeds, guaranteeing hours of exhilarating fun. The height that can be reached depends from the Jet-Ski power. With a 150HP, the Flyboarder can already reach heights of up to 5 or 6 meters and with a 250HP, the user will use the maximum pipe length that is 12 meters.

Our amazing X Power connector can now boost the speed and performance of your Flyboard to guarantee you will reach maximum heights and speeds no matter the jet ski. Alternatively,  our X Armour connector is more suited to a frequently used unit, ensuring that your entire flyboard kit remains 100% indestructible no matter how many times it is used.

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Also from Zapata racing we have the incredible new Hoverboard. This revolutionary piece of equipment is used much like a motorised snowboard, with the ability to shoot you in and out the water and let you surf on thin air. The Hoverboard and Flyboard both use the exact same connector and propulsion system, therefore allowing you to enjoy both products with the need to buy only one connector system.

Our expert team of certified instructors can offer on board training to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable on your preferred product.

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Jet Lev Flyers

This incredible personal flying machine combines their powerful engine and unique design with water nozzle propulsion force to achieve stable and controlled flights. The revolutionary Jet Lev Flyer JF – 220 is powered by an efficient 220 HP four stroke marine engine and is made out of LFI, composite and fibre glass for an everyday use in tough water. It is guaranteed to provide smooth, comfortable flights as well as exciting flying thrills.

Our top of the line model, the JF–260,  is by far the fastest and most agile Jet Lev Flyer in the world and will exceed all your expectations. If you are looking for the real racing spirit it represents the ultimate in luxury, handling and performance.

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Jet Surf

The new Jet Surf brand is the world’s first carbon fibre motorised surf board. It has one of the most powerful engines of it’s kind designed by man and is meticulously hand-crafted with ultra-light carbon and kevlar so that it can be easily transported and carried.  Not only this but it’s emissions are so low it has a ‘barely-there’ carbon-footprint rating.

Our three different models offer different characteristics depending on your power, agility and endurance needs. With top speeds reaching 35mph with our Pro Race model and fuel consumption of only 2L per hour, this powerful motorised surf board will guarantee to keep you occupied for hours on end.

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Yacht owners are the ultimate example of people expressing their individuality. While no two yachts are exactly alike, why should the inflatable packages placed on these yachts be any different? Our partner FunAir builds the finest and widest range of world class yacht inflatables that can be themed to match your yacht livery. If your needs are custom colours, the addition of logos, or the development of one-off custom inflatables, we are your source!

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For people looking for intense fun and enjoyment in their lives Seabob build water sleds with the greatest thrill factor in the world. The outstanding features of the SEABOB F5 are its unanticipated agility in the water and the extremely low vehicle weight of only approximately 29 kg. The low weight of the SEABOB F5 makes for optimal handling properties and quick manoeuvres in the water.

The SEABOB F5 S is also a lightweight device tipping the scales at approximately 35 kg. It distinguishes itself by means of its strong driving performance and its irrepressible propulsion in the water. The E-Jet Power System is controlled in 6 power levels. These gears of the SEABOB F5 S allow you to glide along at a relaxed pace in a low gear or, for more ambitious high-speed driving, switch up to 6th gear.

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Jet Skis

At Zephyr there is a jet ski for every type of owner and every type of yacht. Whether your family is just discovering the sport, if you’re an adrenaline junkie with the need for speed or if you can’t imagine anything better than a full day of waters sports such as wake skating. Our expert team will be able to advise you on the different jet ski categories, to ensure that your watercraft will match your style and experience.

While some of our more basic models offer perfect speeds for cruising around remote tropical islands, we can also provide muscular performance water crafts that deliver size, speed, strength, and stability in the roughest conditions. The wide range of Yamaha and Seadoo models keep you on the water, making for more precise handling in any and all conditions.

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Kite Surfing

By collaborating with well known global kite surfing brands such as Slingshot, Ozone, Naish and O’Neill we are able to personalise your kit to ensure it fits your previous experience, style and needs. All of our products are compatible and easily stored so that they can be kept onboard your super yacht hassle-free.

Our in house team of Professional kite surfers can assist you with any or all your training needs for both owners and crew. With the women’s world no. 2 Nuria Goma and ex-professional Karim Landais as part of the Zephyr Team you will only receive the very best tuition in a fun and safe environment.

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Zephyr Yachting in partnership with Jobe Watersports offer towable toys and inflatable tow tubes that are of the highest quality in the world. Our tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy all ages. We have a full range to choose from including ringo’s, flying fish, ocean riders and wakeboards to name a few. Contact us today to look at the various options. We also offer a full range of inflatable kayaks so you can paddle your way to some of the more secluded coves and beaches of the world.

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Our top of the line hard-shell and inflatable paddle boards from Jobe, red paddle co and starboard are perfect for a more relaxing day on the water. We have fantastic all-round boards for anyone who loves SUP boarding in different water types – suitable for surfing with a wide enough profile for great stability. SUP all day long on the super comfortable EVA deck pad and capture every moment as each board has a Go Pro plug. All of our boards are compact for easy storage on your super yacht.

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Scuba Diving

Our partnering manufactures offer top of the range diving and scuba gear that are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to maximise comfort while diving. Zephyr’s team of qualified diving instructors offer onboard training and support to ensure all equipment is used in a safe and familiar environment.

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The Super Falcon Mark II by Deepflight submarines marks the indisputable peak of super yacht toy technology. This revolutionary piece of equipment can reach depths of 120m and can even do underwater rolls and dives. Deepflight’s state of the art submersible equipment is some of the most advanced private submarine technology in the world today.

These top quality personal subs are built in small series and are particularly hand crafted to provide clients with the safest, most innovative and luxurious submersibles on the market.

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