The Best Toys & Tenders… and so much more

At Zephyr Yachting ‘Toys & Tenders’ we not only deliver the best toys and tenders available on the market today, but we also provide you with your own personal, certified instructors to teach you exactly how to use every toy you want to enjoy. Wherever you are in the world we will come to you to deliver the toys and tenders of your heart’s desire and train you to use them with complete confidence and in total safety. Get the most out of your toys and tenders this holiday season…get them from Zephyr.

Big Boys Toys

When it comes to ‘Big Boys Toys’ we offer a complete, end-to-end service, with no compromises and no excuses.

Jet- Lev Flyers, Hoverboards, Flyboards, Jetsurfs, Jetskis, or Kitesurfing – Charter or purchase the Zephyr Team has it all.

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At Zephyr Toys & Tenders we offer a very special consultancy service to assist build captains, management companies and first officers in fitting their new beach club, garage or lazorate with the very best Toys & Tenders on the market today. The complexity and time involved in building a new yacht puts a massive amount of pressure on all involved, the Zephyr team can assist and take some of that pressure off by providing a complete end to end service. Rather than spending time shopping around from company to company finding quotes for all the Toys and Tenders you may need. Zephyr is your one stop shop for all your needs supplying the very best brands and the most technological Toys and Tenders from wet suits to Jets surfs to jet skis and ribs to classic tenders. Zephyr is your global solution with offices on the French Riviera and in the Caribbean. Zephyr has All the Toys, All the Tenders and All the Training™ you may need to operate legally and safely through our established crew training division.

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VIP Training

Bespoke VIP training solutions are the ultimate way to enjoy your toys and tenders.

VIP Training Consultants design a tailor made training solution to fit your exact needs, wherever you are in the world, 365 days a year.

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Tenders, Ribs
& Chaseboats

From custom, classic, or SOLAS tenders to limousines and jet skis, unrivalled choice with the best advice available today.

Zephyr Yachting ‘Toys & Tenders’ is your global solution.

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